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Welcome to! So, you want to become a delivery customer? Our coverage area is huge! Yes, you are eligible if you are within 25 mile radius of Morristown! Please don't hesitate to sign up! Here is how it works.

1.Sign up! We contact you. You let us know how often you want us to pick up your clothes, once or twice a week. You designate a place where we can pick up your clothes. (Front door, side door, back side, etc.). We let you know what day(s) we will come to your house. We need a credit card on file to set you up.

2.Leave your clothes at the designated place on your day. We leave you with our free WFC bag on your first pickup.

3.We deliver and pick up your clothes the next scheduled day.

4.We charge your credit card once a month. You receive a detailed statement each month.

5.Just relax and enjoy convenience and fine quality!

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